Who has the coldest

in town ?

No Readings were done
in July of 2020 due to
COVID 19 closing the bars

Due to my unwillingness to drink a warm beer,
temps over 40 degrees will not get a second reading

General drinking area

2016 results

2017 results

2018 results

2019 results


It all started when a bartender (at one of the aforementioned bars) posted on Facebook asking friends to come in and have a beer as they have the coldest beer in town. I also noticed “coldest beer in town” on a venue sign (at one of the aforementioned bars). So, I invested $5.21 in a digital thermometer and took some readings.

2 measurements were taken at random times during the month of July 2016 at venues I frequent and know to carry Red Stripe beer in bottles. No beers (or bartenders) were abused during course of this survey.

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